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LED Lighting

Spectrum LED Solar Street Light External Battery


Input wattage -12/15/20/24/30/40W
LED 12V Solar street light.

  • An inbuilt MPPT charge controller, Dusk to Dawn
  • LED output efficacy:-  140Lm/watt,
  • System output efficacy : > 100lm/watt., IP65 rating.
  • OSRAM/SEOUL., Efficiency: 90%.
  • 2days  back up ( 12hrs duty cycle )
  • Automatic Dusk to dawn with dimming
  • Battery Details:
    • Lithium-Ion   – 11.1V Nominal voltage. OR
    • Lithium Ferro Phosphate  – 12.8v  Nominal voltage.
  • Solar panel  specifications:
    • Polycrystalline solar panel.
  • Motion Sensor:
    • Panasonic/equivalent grade -12mtr range ( Optional )
  • Pole Specifications:
    • GI  or Mild steel with painting  –  5meter length.3inch dia.
WattageProduct nameProduct codeLED ColourLumens
12W12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLSL12WCWCool white100Lm/watt
15W12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLS15WCWCool white100Lm/watt
20W12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLS20WCWCool white100Lm/watt
24W12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLS24WCWCool white100Lm/watt
30w12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLS30WCWCool white100Lm/watt
40w12V-Solar street lightSTV21DLS40WCWCool white100Lm/watt

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