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Spectrum LED Cob Spotlights Surface Mount

SPECTRUM  COB spotlights are Ideal for integrated ceiling lights,  the products are designed to meet good lumens output with pleasant light as required for the applications like jewelry shops, hotels, restaurants, and offices.




  • Input Power:- 5/10/20/30W
  • High-quality clear glass and aluminum heat sink
  • Input voltage :- 90-270V AC ,50Hz
  • PF > 0.9, High efficiency >80%, THD <20%
  • Lumens :- 95-100Lm/watt..
  • LED:- SMD, LM80 approved.
  • Working temperature:- 5 to +40 Degree.
  • Mounting:- Surface mount
  • Indoor application only.
  • Warranty:- 2 years.
WattageSerial No.Product SizeCut out Size.Cob size
5W-RoundSTV-35COBL5WSMCW60×76 mm Dia – 70 mm11 mm
10W-RoundSTV35COBL10WSMCW75×100 mmDia- 90 mm11 mm
20W-RoundSTV35COBL20WSMCW100×100 mmDia- 115 mm11 mm
30W-RoundSTV35COBL30WSMCW120×120 mmDia -135 mm17 mm

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