Assembly Facility



Spectrum leverages its turnkey capabilities to provide an integrated solution to our customers including a full range of assembly capabilities which include automated component, mechanical, electrical assembly of final product utilizing dedicated or flexible assembly lines

We offer a wide array of contract assembly services and product assembly services including the assembly of medical devices, electrical connectors, automotive subassemblies, automotive steering components, industrial products, networking equipment and servers.

Component Assembly

The company utilizes assembly processes such as manual, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly techniques ranging from lead crimping to automatic contact insertion and final assembly for connectors and smaller automotive components.

For electrical and mechanical component assembly solutions we utilizes its in-house designed automated facility ranging from single station work cells to fully-automatic robotic assembly systems. The company has also have rotary handling systems, fully automated and semi-automated systems as well as non-synchronous, rotary dial and cam operated automation

We provide customers products in a variety of packaging solutions including tape and reel packaging, and trays designed to meet each customer's needs to reduce costs during the next levels of assembly for smaller components.

Mechanical Product Assembly and Enclosure Assembly

For the mechanical assembly of larger, mechanical components, the company performs complete supply chain management, final product testing and packaging for larger components and devices as well as direct shipment to customers as per customer requirements